Six Egyptian lawyers freed from jail, ending nationwide union boycott

Six Egyptian lawyers were released from incarceration on Sunday after being arrested late last week for assaulting three court workers in the Mediterranean city of Marsa Matrouh.

A criminal court sentenced each of the lawyers to two years in prison on Wednesday for the assault.

The lawyers’ imprisonment was answered with a Criminal Court boycott by the union to which they belong.

All lawyers were told to stay away from courts and to not respond to questions from prosecutors.

On Sunday, a Marsa Matrouh appeals court overturned Wednesday’s verdict and scheduled another hearing for February 5.

After the lawyers’ release, union president Abdel Halim Allam issued a statement ending the boycott.

Sunday’s court session was attended by hundreds of union lawyers to show solidarity with their imprisoned colleagues.

After the six men’s release, social media videos showed lawyers celebrating outside the court where the hearing took place.

A committee of union lawyers took the stand to defend the imprisoned men on Sunday. It was led by Allam.

One of the lawyers reportedly got into an argument with a court worker at a Marsa Matrouh court on January 5.

The situation worsened when five of his colleagues joined him in attacking the worker, who called on two of his friends for aid.

After hearing that court employees had been injured, a judge at the court submitted a formal complaint to a higher judicial authority, which ordered the lawyers’ arrest.


Six Egyptian lawyers freed from jail, ending nationwide union boycott