Singapore: Syndicate allegedly used device to record cards during game at MBS casino; men face charges

The Straits Times reports

SINGAPORE – An alleged member of a crime syndicate, which was involved in a ruse to use a prohibited device to record cards during a baccarat game at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino, was charged on Friday.

Malaysian Chai Hee Keong, 45, who was sent back to Singapore after he was caught in his home country on Thursday, now faces a charge under the Casino Control Act.

Two other alleged syndicate members were hauled to a district court earlier.

The cases involving Taiwanese Hung Jung-Hao, 27, and Tan Kian Yi, 35, also a Malaysian, are pending.

The trio is accused of working with Wang Yu, Hung Yu-Wen, Chou Yu-Lun, and three other unknown persons to commit the offence.

Court documents did not disclose details about the other purported syndicate members.