Singapore: Man, 56, admits to appearing nude in police post; has committed similar offences before

The Straits Times reports

SINGAPORE – Even though he had been previously hauled up to court for appearing naked in public, a 56-year-old man did not learn his lesson and repeated a similar stunt in a police post earlier this year.

Cheong Yong Shen pleaded guilty on Thursday (Aug 19) to one count of appearing nude in public. He also admitted to two counts of theft in a building.

Three other theft-related charges and another charge of appearing naked in public will be taken into consideration during sentencing by District Judge May Mesenas at a later date.

The court heard that Cheong entered the Geylang Serai Neighbourhood Police Post on March 19.

The post is unmanned and has a computer terminal for members of the public to access police services, such as lodging a police report.

Cheong was wearing only a pair of shorts at that time, which he later took off. He then rubbed his groin while facing the automatic glass door of the police post.


He later admitted to his offence after being identified and questioned by the police.

The court heard that he also stole a bra from an outlet of clothing chain Uniqlo at Paya Lebar Quarter mall on July 12.

He had placed the undergarment into his backpack after removing its price tag.

A staff member, who recognised him from two other occasions when he entered the store, followed him as he left the outlet.

The employee then confronted Cheong, who admitted to stealing the undergarment.

On Thursday, the court heard that he has had frequent run-ins with the law since 2015 and has been imprisoned multiple times.

His offences included theft and appearing nude in public.

Cheong was jailed for four weeks last year for two counts of committing an obscene act in public.

Noting his previous acts of appearing nude in public, District Judge Mesenas called for a report on his suitability for a mandatory treatment order (MTO).