Singapore Law Prof In The Dock For Assaulting Cabbie

Channel News Asia reports……..SINGAPORE: A National University of Singapore law professor is on trial for assaulting a 69-year-old taxi driver.

Sundram Peter Soosay, 43, who joined the university in 2008, allegedly punched taxi driver Sun Chuan Hua at around 5am on Dec 25, 2013, in the vicinity of a bus stop near the then-King Albert Park along Clementi Road.

Testifying on the first day of the trial on Wednesday (Jan 21), Mr Sun, 69, said a passenger, reeking of alcohol, boarded his taxi on the morning of Christmas day in 2013 and he was headed for Clementi Road. As the taxi was nearing King Albert Park along Clementi Road, the passenger, who had vomited in the cab, told Mr Sun to stop the car. He then got off and sat at the bus stop for a few moments before walking away.

Mr Sun told the court that he called out to the passenger only to be ignored, until he declared his intention to call the police. It was only then that the passenger handed him a S$50 bill, added Mr Sun.

As he was walking back to his taxi to get change, Mr Sun said he was hit from the back, causing his head to slam against the ground and his forehead to bleed.

His attacker, whom he recognised as the passenger, pressed him onto the ground and punched his face and eyes repeatedly, Mr Sun said.

“I lifted both my arms to shield my face, but still could not avoid the blows. I did not have any strength,” he added.

Later, a passer-by called an ambulance and Mr Sun was taken to the hospital, where he received seven stitches to his forehand. He also sustained grazes to his left arm and knees and was on medical leave for 17 days, during which time he was unable to drive as he could not lift his left arm.

Mr Matthew Auw, who identified himself as the passer-by, also took the stand on Wednesday.

Mr Auw, 21, told the court he intervened during the scuffle because Mr Sun was at risk of being injured and did not seem capable of defending himself. The trial continues on Feb 5.