Singapore jails man claiming to be ‘sovereign’ sultan’s son & therefore he needn’t wear a mask

  • Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman said that as a ‘sovereign’ he didn’t have to follow the city state’s rules and regulations on face masks
  • He told the court his father was sultan of ‘Singapore, Malaysia and part of Indonesia’ and he would soon be meeting Indonesian President Joko Widodo

A man who first came to public attention in Singapore for saying he was the legal counsel of an anti-masker was sentenced to two weeks’ jail on Tuesday for not wearing a mask properly on two occasions when it was legally required.

Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman, 58, was charged with flouting Covid-19 regulations by failing to wear a mask inside and outside the State Courts on July 2, 2021 and at East Coast Lagoon Food Village on March 19, 2021.

He disputed the charges and represented himself in court.

Abdul Rashid had earlier been sent to the Institute of Mental Health for psychiatric observation because District Judge Bala Reddy found the defendant incoherent in his defence, but he was found to be fit to plead.

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