Singapore Govt To Help Out SME Law Firms

The Global Legal Post reports that ….. The Singapore government is looking to find ways to help small and medium sized law firms and to make sure they are not left behind as the legal sector opens up to more international work.Suranga SL

We presume this only applies to local firms .. but good news to see they are supporting local shops

The Minister for Law and Foreign Affairs, K Shanmugam, has told lawyers that the government is seeking to ensure that small and medium law firms can benefit from the legal sector’s growth as the amount of international work it does increases. The government might set up business structures which would help these lawyers offer a seamless client service. Other areas being looked at include the offering of capital through, for instance, a ‘capability development grant’ offered by the Spring Singapore agency.
Mr Shanmugam was addressing the Association of Muslim Lawyers’ and giving their annual lecture. He suggested that firms could use extra funding to invest more in technology. The legal sector has grown, he said, at an average annual rate of seven per cent since 2007 – but exported legal services for foreign work have grown at the higher rate of nine per cent annually. Source: Strait Times