Sinagpore Law Watch: How The City State Is Managing The Minutae Of Managing Business During Lockdown

This is one article but a series of daily updates from SLW that give a great illustration of how Singapore is using carrot, stick, education and planning to keeep business working but also within the parameters of a strict lockdown

We’d suggest today’s series of links show how Singapore is managing the process and may serve to help others look at similar solutions


Covid-19 will shake up dorm market for workers: analysts
Business Times
They add that tougher rules and higher costs may force consolidation among operators and clients, and a further shift towards purpose-built housing.

3-pronged strategy in place to stop virus spread in dorms
Straits Times
Dormitories have become a growing concern in the current outbreak, with at least 15 clusters at these sites so far.

30 firms probed over breach of rules while ferrying workers
Straits Times
An employer who contravenes the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020 faces a fine of up to $10,000 or a jail term of up to six months, or both.

Masks must now be worn in public, as infection cases rise
Straits Times
Ministers repeat calls to stay home as circuit breaker measures are tightened further.

Covid-19: 24 work pass holders banned from working in Singapore after flouting safe distancing measures
The Ministry of Manpower said on April 13, 2020 that it revoked the work passes of 24 workers for flouting safe distancing measures.