Signs You Bought a Lemon Car

Did you just buy a brand-new car? Have an exciting new ride to show off to your friends and loved ones?

Yet the next time you get into it, you notice it’s starting to have some problems. You recognize they’re a sign that you might have bought a lemon.

According to CarFax, 40% of vehicles have been in an accident or sustained damage. If so, and you bought a lemon through no fault of your own, you should know what to do.

Read this helpful guide to learn about possible signs you have a lemon car.

The Price is Too Low

Buying a lemon car if the price is too low can be an expensive mistake. Even if you’re saving money upfront by buying a cheaper car, you may be stuck with much higher repair and maintenance costs down the line.

A car that has a price that is too low likely has some underlying issues. It’s either with its mechanical condition or its safety features.

Additionally, you should always budget for other costs associated with buying a car. Invest time and money to do a thorough inspection of the car.

Also, get a vehicle history report. It is well worth the cost if it saves you from buying a lemon car. If you have bought one and the price was too low, you may need lemon law lawyers here to make a lemon claim.

Sloppy Paint Job and Bodywork

A sloppy paint job and bodywork are common signs you bought a lemon car. It is often indicative of a shoddy repair job or lack of maintenance on the car.

Fried paint, cracking or chipping, large scratches and dents, rust, and blisters are all signs of a poor paint job. This could potentially cause large amounts of damage down the line.

Worn Out Interior

Buying a defective car that has a worn-out interior can feel like you’ve bought a lemon. The upholstery and carpets may have stains and missing pieces. The dashboard may have become brittle and fragile, and the air vents may be loose.

Additionally, the trim pieces may be loose and coming apart. The center console might have a sticky layer of dust.

Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning will fix these problems. You’ll have to replace parts of the interior to bring the car to its former glory.

Shaky Suspension

Shaky suspension is a common sign too. The suspension may be weak or faulty due to a substandard part or a lack of servicing.

This may make the ride uncomfortable, jerky, or bouncy. It may cause the car to swerve and drift when driving at higher speeds. It can also cause excessive tire wear, as the shocks are no longer able to absorb the impact and pressure of the roads.

To prevent further issues, you should have a certified mechanic inspect the suspension. They can determine the cause of the shaky suspension and recommend any necessary repairs to fix the issue. Ultimately, this is necessary to keep your car safe and running in top condition.

Did You Buy a Lemon Car?

Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money on a so-called “lemon car”. Knowing these signs can save you lots of stress and money.

If you think you have bought one, take action quickly. Make sure you document all issues and contact an attorney for advice.

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