Seton Hall Law School: International Law Society Breaks New Ground with Podcast

The School of Diplomacy’s own International Law Society (ILS) began a podcast in the Fall of 2021 called Article 38. This podcast explores boundary disputes between countries, a hot topic within international affairs, and other special topics related to international law. The ILS team covered the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan last semester were able to interview Saima Saleem, a Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations and the first visually impaired Pakistani diplomat, about her country’s position.

I was fortunate to take part in one of the ILS’s podcasts along with Professor Catherine Tinker and Diplomacy Master’s degree candidate, Shaye Ciccarone. We had a conversation about the history of the United Nations in the context of international law, with which Professor Tinker has extensive experience, to give the audience greater context of the topic. Dr. Tinker is the founder and president of an NGO accredited with ECOSOC at the United Nations, the Tinker Institute on International Law and Organizations. The conversation touched upon the initial founding of the UN and key figures that helped develop it into the organization that plays a key role today in international affairs.

Podcasts have gained popularity in international affairs in recent years. They allow long-form conversations to be published online for mass consumption. Comedians, politicians, academics, and athletes have taken advantage of podcasting’s advantages, and students at the School of Diplomacy have broken into it. The experiences of my colleagues and I has shown us the value of podcasts as a means to express and exchange ideas between with other diplomacy scholars and practitioners.

The podcast had a successful first semester and the Spring is looking to be just as fruitful and insightful. You can follow the progress of the International Law Society through their Instagram and listen to their new podcasts on Spotify.