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Regulation of Information on the Internet

On 16 September 2014 the Prime Minister of Laos issued Decree No. 327 regulating information on the Internet. The new decree penalizes Internet users spreading “false information” that “may damage society and endanger the nation’s stability.” Those found guilty will face disciplinary measures, including civil and criminal charges.

Similar provisions can be found in the existing 2008 Law on Media, which was aimed primarily at journalists and media practitioners. The unprecedented growth of social media networks, such as Facebook, has made it necessary to promulgate a new decree to cover all Internet users, including ordinary persons posting comments in their private capacity. Foreign-owned businesses operating in Laos are likewise covered and should take careful note of the restrictions imposed by the decree.

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Since economic integration with ASEAN and the WTO, Laos has seen its economy grow steadily over the last ten years, with GDP growth reaching 8% in 2013. Most of the foreign investments are in mining and hydropower, with large sectors of the economy still underdeveloped. The Lao government has been pushing for diversification of its economy, thus offering unique business opportunities for investors. Strategically located, this landlocked country shares borders with five others—Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and China—making business expansion in the region very convenient. Sciaroni & Associates, with its many years of local experience and keen insight into the particular cultures and societies, is well-placed to assist investors in maximizing their growth potential in the region. Sciaroni & Associates Laos seasoned legal advisors can assist with cross-border investments, market entry and the full range of legal and investment advisory services.


Raymond Alikpala,

Head of Laos Practice Group



Raymond Alikpala, Legal Advisor. Raymond, a Filipino Lawyer has been providing legal advice on foreign direct investment, NGO and UN agency matters for the past 20 years.  His areas of expertise are land and property related issues, including due diligence, as well as labor, taxation and company laws, Raymond has a Masters of Laws, LLM from the National University of Singapore and is admitted to the Bar in Manila. He speaks English and Tagalog.



Leeland D. Jones,

Legal Advisor


Leeland D. Jones, Legal Advisor.  Leeland, an American lawyer, has experience advising foreign and domestic corporate investors, State Owned Enterprises, and Non-Governmental Organization’s on the laws and regulations of Lao PDR. Leeland’s expertise includes corporate governance, contracts, due diligence, and joint ventures. He earned a Juris Doctor (JD) from the Bowen School of Law at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, USA.


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