Sanlu Sentences Handed Down

Caijing reports today on the sentences handed down by People’s Court in Shijiazhuang to Sanlu executives, farmers and dairy factory managers involved in the melamine milk scandal that rocked the country last year..

 Caijing staff reporter Zhu Tao writes

The death penalty has been given to three  men standing trial for the involvement in the contaminated milk scandal that broke last September. Tian Wenhua, former chairwoman and general manager of Sanlu Group, the dairy maker at the center of the scandal, received life imprisonment for “producing and selling fake or substandard products.”
On the afternoon of January 22, the Intermediate People’s Court in Shijiazhuang announced a death penalty sentence for Zhang Yujun, who sold 600 tons of a mixture containing the industrial chemical melamine to dairy farmers and dealers as a means of boosting protein readings. Zhang’s workshop was allegedly China’s largest source of melamine and earned him 6.8 million yuan.

Also sentenced to death was milk producer Geng Jinping, who had been convicted of producing and selling toxic food to dairy companies.
Gao Junjie, another melamine producer, received a  suspended  death sentence with two years reprieve.

Link below to see a chart of charges and verdicts for the individuals concerned