Russian Prisoners Being Targetted By Kremlin For Deployment To Ukraine Says Lawyer

The ABC Australia has this report..

“We’re seeing a huge outflow of people who want to leave the war zone — those who have been serving for a long time and those who have signed a contract just recently,” Alexei Tabalov, a lawyer who runs the Conscript’s School legal aid group, said.

Mr Tabalov said he had been inundated with requests from men who wanted to terminate their contracts.


In early August, Mr Tabalov said he began receiving multiple requests for legal help from reservists who have been ordered to take part in a two-month training in areas near the border with Ukraine.

Founder of prisoner rights group Vladimir Osechkin said the recruitment of prisoners had been happening in as many as seven regions in recent weeks.

The Soviet Union also employed the “prisoner battalions” tactic during World War II.

Early in the war, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy promised amnesty to military veterans behind bars if they volunteered to fight, although it remains unclear if anything came out of it.

Mr Osechkin said the prisoners were being recruited by Russia’s shadowy private military force, the Wagner Group.

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