Rise of the Legal COO, Second Edition

Rise of the Legal COO, Second Edition

This new edition of Rise of the Legal COO examines the scope and variety of the legal COO role, and how the challenges and demands of the position have altered as law firms have evolved.

This title contains fully updated chapters from the first edition, and several brand new chapters covering topics such as:

  • How the COO can enable innovation and digital transformation in their firm;
  • The COO’s role in managing profitability and client engagement;
  • The use of data in law firm management; and
  • The New Law COO.

There are also all-new, exclusive interviews with legal COOs from a variety of national and international firms, covering topics ranging from the importance of relationships and adapting to the new hybrid, post-COVID world, to encouraging innovation in firms and strategies to recruit and retain talent.

This title provides essential guidance to the current and future legal COO on the skills and strategies they need to succeed, and to law firms on how to recruit, integrate, and develop a COO who will be a good match for their culture and help them achieve their ambitions.