Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association “JurFem” is one of the first Ukrainian associations of women lawyers. The aim of the organization is to become a platform for the exchange of experience, development and support of women in the legal profession.

And with the start of full-scale war, JurFem became a place of support for survivors of sexual violence and all kinds of gender discrimination.

More than 300 representatives of the legal profession are members of the Association: female lawyers, student lawyers, scientists, teachers, and law enforcement officers.

Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association “JurFem” was officially registered in September 2017.




JurFem exists to celebrate the success which women have achieved in the legal profession, and to solve the problems, which are the challenges that lawyers still have to face.

The role of a female lawyer should become visible and significant in the professional community. The assessment of her activity can consist exclusively of professional skills, knowledge and achievements.

A female lawyer must have a safe non-discriminatory environment, equal rights and opportunities for growth in the professional, public and political spheres at the municipal and national levels.

The association of women lawyers will allow to influence the change of the existing state in the professional environment and overcome the stereotypes that have formed in society.

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