Researching Hong Kong Laws

Useful post from the Michael Goodson Law Library at Duke University in the States…

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Researching Hong Kong Laws

For many years, the library has received the official Laws of Hong Kong in a 43-volume looseleaf set (KNR1.9 1991). As is often the case with printed looseleafs, the index volume provides only limited options for locating ordinances on a particular topic. Additionally, updates were often delayed due to lengthy shipping times from Asia.

After consulting with colleagues at Hong Kong University, the Goodson Law Library has decided to transition from use of the printed looseleaf to two unofficial but highly reliable web versions: Bilingual Laws Information System (BLIS) from the Hong Kong Department of Justice ( and the Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) (, from the University of Hong Kong. Both services offer increased search options, although HKLII often lags one week behind BLIS for the most current updates.

Interested in historic research? Hong Kong University has also digitized Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online (, with PDFs dating back to 1890. The library also has selected historical codes in print, at the call number KNR1.9.


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