Rainmakers: Born or Bred Second edition

Author(s): Patricia K. Gillette, Rebecca Harding

Publication date: Jan 2023

Format: Softback

Pages: 83

Price: £75.00

ISBN: 9781787429253

Rainmakers: Born or Bred is about changing the business development conversation and focusing on how remote working has impacted the way business opportunities can be cultivated and developed. The book explores the personal characteristics that are common in successful rainmakers – and what holds others back from achieving their true potential. The book advocates stripping away the negative associations many lawyers have with the “S” word – selling – as this is a crucial step in redefining our approach to business development. It explores the benefits to stepping out of the safety net of simply being a great lawyer – which is vital in today’s competitive market. Successful rainmakers know how to truly engage with clients, how to understand their business needs and challenges, and how to make their lives easier. This combination of skills attracts and builds sustainable, rewarding client relationships.

This second edition of Rainmakers: Born or Bred – authored by Patricia K. Gillette with contributions from Rebecca Harding – helps you to identify those seemingly intangible aspects of selling that many lawyers think are unnecessary, and provides you with practical ideas to implement as you set out on your journey to improve your business development skills. Fully updated with an in-depth focus on digital and social media, this book is packed with opinions and advice from actual clients and rainmakers alike. It will help you make the most of the business development opportunities that present themselves every day – while staying true to your own personality.