Radio Free Asia shuts Hong Kong bureau over new security law

This only leaves HKFP, I believe…..

DW report

US-funded news outlet Radio Free Asia said Friday it had closed its Hong Kong bureau following the passing of new national security legislation.

The city, which is part of China, last week enacted a law known locally as Article 23, which has widened the Hong Kong government’s power to stamp out challenges to its rule.

Hong Kong was once seen as a bastion of media freedom in Asia but independent media have been targeted for closure following pro-democracy protests in 2019.

Hong Kong is technically a special administrative region of China with legislative, executive, and judicial organs separate from the mainland. The new law, however, could further imperil the city’s semi-autonomous status.

What did Radio Free Asia say about the closure?

Radio Free Asia president and CEO Bay Fang said in a statement the company no longer had full-time staff in Hong Kong and has closed its physical office, citing “concerns about the safety of RFA staff and reporters.”

“Actions by Hong Kong authorities, including referring to RFA as a ‘foreign force,’ raise serious questions about our ability to operate in safety with the enactment of Article 23,” Fang said.

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