QuisLex and ContractPodAi enter tech + services partnership

Press Release

New York and Hyderabad-headquartered alternative legal services provider QuisLex and contract lifecycle management vendor ContractPodAi have entered a partnership to help customers deliver large-scale CLM implementations.

QuisLex supports clients across 16 time zones and industries including technology, pharma, retail, finance, insurance and banking. The company delivers contract services including review, analysis, abstraction, negotiation and life cycle management.

The ContractPodAi platform helps in-house counsel initiate, automate, execute and manage any legal scenario, such as contracts and legal intake.

The two companies say they will leverage their partnership to provide clients with an integrated solution for optimal contract support. QuisLex will provide referrals to ContractPodAi where a client is looking for a trusted CLM solution. ContractPodAi clients benefit from the subject matter expertise that QuisLex provides in contract management and support services.

“The combination of ContractPodAi’s platform with QuisLex’s process, workflow and skilled legal personnel allows for a seamless approach to managing large-scale CLM implementations,” says QuisLex director of sales operations and partnerships David Cochran. “Our combined strengths enable clients to work with one team when they are looking for a complete, cohesive solution, making ContractPodAi a valuable addition to our channel partner program.”

ContractPodAi’s SVP of global partnerships Mark Langsbury added: “There is great alignment on both our go-to-market strategies and, importantly, a cultural fit between our two organizations. This alignment will truly benefit our existing and potential customers when it comes to achieving their goals around legal and digital transformation.”

More information about each of their contract solutions is available on the QuisLex and ContractPodAi websites.