Quintanilla family serves court order to California businesses over Selena tribute beer

Two Los Angeles-based small businesses launched a special edition beer in honor of the Tejano star’s birthday. Then, the Quintanilla family shut it down.

An effort to honor Selena Quintanilla ahead of her birthday reportedly ended with two California small businesses receiving a court order from the Tejano star’s family.

The Los Angeles-based Chicano lifestyle boutique Mi Vida hosts a pizza party every year around Selena’s birthday, owner Noelle Reyes told media company LAist. As part of this year’s celebration, Reyes partnered with POC-owned craft brewery Brewjeria to release a limited-edition beer to pay homage to the late Mexican American singer.

Flavored with guava and hibiscus, the pale ale was named after the famous Selena song “Como La Flor” and featured a woman with a dark bob hairstyle, red lipstick and a glittery necklace on the can.

Brewjeria co-owner Agustin Ruelas told LAist their teams made about 1,000 cans of the brew and quickly sold out. They were considering making another batch until they received a “cease-and-desist” order from the music icon’s estate.

“It was a downer,” Ruelas told the news and entertainment website. “We just wanted to honor Selena.”

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