Property Owners Think Bear Is Agent Of The State Because The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Placed GPS Camera On Animal To Track It

If you want to define the term moronic it is all here in this story.

Thankyou Above The Law  for highlighting idiocy and paranoia at its most extreme

Also if you read the original report the level of stupidity  rises even further


ATL report

Trouble in the Hundred Acre Woods — or more accurately a 117-acre property in Connecticut — where homeowners Mark and Carol Brault have filed suit (complaint included below) alleging Fourth Amendment violations stemming from a snooping bear.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection placed a camera on a particular bear bouncing here and there and everywhere. The undercover ursine wandered onto the Brault property — and the Braults contend that authorities chose this bear expecting it to come on their property. According to the complaint, the bear got close to the Braults’ home and they believe the camera was “taking and transmitting pictures or video of the interior of the plaintiffs’ property to the defendant.” As the Institute for Justice put it, the state was “effectively turning the bear into an agent of the state to take pictures on their property without a warrant.”

Libertarian social media decried the government “deputizing” a bear. The IJ Senior Attorney Robert Frommer likened it to “Turning wild animals into roving surveillance tools.”

ACAB, man. All cops are bears.

As the couple’s attorney said:

“What they do have on some of the bears with collars is GPS devices, so that they can track where they are. I understand that that’s part of wildlife management,” he said. “But never, never, never were there cameras, and it’s a little difficult to understand the point of a camera. What would that do?”

What a camera would do is capture what’s going on around the bear, opening the door to surreptitiously capturing private activity without a warrant. Which sounds bad… but the facts get more fuzzy wuzzy than that.

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