Prominent Christian & Beijing Rights Defense Lawyer Fired from Law Firm

 Nov. 5. The Christian Newswire reports that on October 30, Christian Attorney Li Subin was told he was fired from the Beijing Yitong Law Firm because he and 35 other Beijing lawyers  had signed an open letter in August calling for direct election of the leaders of the Beijing Lawyers Association…

We learn from the report that around  five to seven other lawyers have also been dismissed or forced to leave their respected law firms for the same reason.


The report goes on to say:

On October 27 and 28, seven officials from the Bureau of Justice of Haidian District of Beijing visited Li Subin’s office. Officials took photos and questioned staff about cases they had handled in the past. The director of the firm who is also a Christian, Attorney Li Jingsong was pressured by officials who indicated his law firm’s inspection might not be passed by the Bureau of Justice. This would mean the survival of the law firm would be in danger if he did not fire the "troublemakers" in his firm. Along with Li Subin, four other lawyers who signed the August letter were also purged from Yitong Law Firm. They are Mr. Cheng Hai, Zhang Jianguo, Wen Haibo and Yang Huiwen.


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