Professional Football and Anti-Money Laundering


ISBN13: 9781839703201
Published: December 2022
Publisher: Intersentia Publishers
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback
Price: £62.00

This book maps the newly-amended Belgian ‘Preventative Anti-Money Laundering Law’ (PAML) and its application to the professional football sector in Belgium, examining the goals it is designed to achieve, its primary legal implications for the football sector, and its likely effects. In so doing, this exploratory study aims to provide a preliminary evaluation of the application of the anti-money laundering framework to the sector of professional football in Belgium.

This publication is the first to provide an in depth overview of the content, requirements and obligations of the PAML as well as an initial appraisal of this extension of the PAML from both a doctrinal and theoretical perspective. Furthermore, the interviews that were conducted as part of the underlying research provide some of the first reactions and expectations relating to the extension of the PAML from stakeholders ‘on the ground’.

While this book is primarily concerned with the national context of the PAML and its application to the professional football sector in Belgium, the content of this study and the recommendations and best practices that are formulated on the back of it will be of interest to any country contemplating the extension of its AML framework to professional football, and to any football actors (particularly professional clubs, players’ agents and governing bodies) operating within those jurisdictions, not to mention interested football fans.