Press Release: The Modern Law Firm – Heinan Landa

Heinan Landa combines technology expertise and in-depth legal industry knowledge in new book to help law firms navigate the future for premium function–and profitability.

ROCKVILLE, Md.April 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Heinan Landa, Founder and CEO of Optimal Networks, a globally-ranked IT services firm, has announced the release of his new book, titled The Modern Law Firm: How to thrive in an era of rapid technological change. In the book, Landa addresses the rapid technological advances that have fundamentally altered how law firms interact with clients, do their work, and stay competitive. He provides insight into the future of law firm IT and how to leverage technology as a differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

“Over the past three decades, the legal industry has been flipped on its ear,” said Landa. “Technology can singlehandedly bring an otherwise healthy law firm to the brink of failure. And on the flip side, it can empower firms to achieve a level of success that its leaders might not have thought possible. I wrote this book to provide the clarity and the tools to do the latter.”

Optimal Networks is an IT support and technology consulting firm that is known for helping leaders in the legal industry make sure their technology supports and advances their business goals. The book is a guide written specifically for Managing Partners, firm administrators, and attorneys, and includes a 3-year roadmap for facing and mastering the threats brought on by the exponential rate of technological change.

Advances in technology have had a widespread effect on those in the legal industry — altering the landscape of talent acquisition and retention, client satisfaction and security, and revenue. The Modern Law Firm details:

  • How law firms have traditionally operated and why this approach won’t work going forward
  • What firms stand to lose if they stick with the status quo
  • How a shift in focus—powered by technology—will allow firms to convert this new terrain from a series of stumbling blocks into a competitive advantage
  • How to assess a firm’s baseline Technology Operational Maturity Level and determine which critical gaps need to be addressed
  • Specific solutions and strategies for technological success and how to get an entire firm on board with the changes

“This is a must-read for lawyers/law firm administrators. There are no qualifiers to that,” said Michael S. Gottlieb, Principal and Founder of Momentum Law Group. “Understanding the intersection of technology and the practice of law is a topic that all law firms should be mindful of and Heinan shares his wisdom and experience in a style that only he can do, which is to say, engaging, entertaining and informative.”

An essential time for law firms interested in taming technology for their benefit, The Modern Law Firm: How to thrive in an era of rapid technological change will be available for purchase on April 16 on Amazon.

Heinan Landa is the Founder and CEO of Optimal Networks, Inc., a globally ranked IT services firm. After earning his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, Heinan went on to receive his MBA from The Wharton School of Business. Featured in Legal Management, Legal Times, Chief Executive, Inc. Magazine, Forbes, CIO, and with regular appearances on WJLA-TV, WTTG-TV, and WUSA9, Heinan is a trusted leader in the legal, technology, and business spaces. For more,, 240-499-7900, or [email protected].