Press Release: Sedgwick LLP Engages Artificial Intelligence to Serve Clients

They write in their just published release

Sedgwick LLP is pleased to announce the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) to better serve its clients through association with ROSS Intelligence, a legal research engine that uses natural language processing to search and provide specific legal information. 

“We are excited to be on the cutting edge of new technology to provide superior and more efficient service to our clients,” said Mike Healy, Sedgwick Chair of the Firm. “Our firm’s Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy Practice is already using AI to enhance our legal research, making it faster to analyze complex legal issues and to discover relevant “connect-the-dots” information that otherwise might go unnoticed. This technology will allow us to best represent, protect and advance the interests of our clients.” 

Sedgwick is one of the first law firms to use the AI technology, which acts as a robot lawyer, allowing Sedgwick attorneys to ask direct questions of it and receive detailed answers almost immediately. Attorneys can also interact with the AI to agree with or question what it has found. Overall the AI is allowing Sedgwick to deliver superior legal services to its clients in a way that is more efficient than ever before.