Press Release: Partnership between iManage and vLex Brings Together the World’s Largest Legal Intelligence Platform with the Industry’s Leading Knowledge Work Platform


Chicago and Miami(May 29, 2024), iManage, the company dedicated to Making Knowledge Work™, and vLex, a leading global legal intelligence platform, today jointly announced a new partnership which will see a number of secure and robust integrations enhancing the workflows and knowledge resources for their customers.

As the industry’s leading knowledge work platform, iManage provides 4,000+ customers with the highly reliable and performant platform they rely on to secure and manage their work product. vLex is trusted by more than two million lawyers, researchers, and government departments, offering comprehensive and intuitive access to the law in more than 200 jurisdictions through a versatile, AI-powered legal intelligence platform.

With the two initial integrations between the platforms, customers will benefit from a single view across internal best-practice know-how and publicly available legal data. For end users and organizations, this seamless integration delivers an enhanced user experience whilst ensuring they have access to the best private and public data, in a secure and robust way.

The two initial integration points include:

  • Vincent AI Powered by iManage: Using the vLex Vincent AI application, users will be able to access curated organizational knowledge assets in iManage Work, thus combining responses from the firm’s prior work product and the vLex public law library, all within a secure environment. The integration will enable users to answer questions based on prior work product and the law itself. For example, if a fee earner were to ask a question about trade secret law with regard to an employee stealing customer data, this integration would generate a response combining the organization’s previous matters and know how, as well as from case materials in public legal sources. This integration will be available initially in the vLex platform, leveraging knowledge through iManage Insight+.
  • Automated Docket Ingestion with vLex Docket Alarm: The second integration focuses on litigation, enabling the automatic loading of state and federal litigation filings from vLex Docket Alarm into the correct client and matter folders in iManage. This will help lawyers to access and share court filings from within the matter file in iManage. Additionally the court filings will be fully searchable in iManage by judge names, courts, jurisdiction, and other relevant search criteria.

The new integrations will be available this summer, at no additional cost, to organizations subscribed to the relevant services from iManage and vLex.

“We are proud to announce this collaboration, which will empower iManage customers by giving them trusted and specialist domain intelligence, at the point at which they need it – be that in iManage Work, Insight+ or Vincent AI,” said Neil Araujo, CEO, iManage. “This partnership enhances the value of both vLex and iManage, making them even more powerful for legal professionals.”

Vincent AI is a significant step forward for generative AI-powered legal analysis, because it is based on one of the world’s largest online law libraries. The tool already works in multiple languages and on the law of more than 10 different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, and Singapore, with more nations added on an ongoing basis. The tool was recently named the 2024 New Product of the Year by the American Association of Law Libraries.

vLex’s Docket Alarm platform is one of the world’s most complete tools for tracking state and federal legislation, with comprehensive federal coverage, connections to the courts of 36 states, and additional coverage consistently being added. Docket Alarm includes more than 800 million docket sheets, briefs, pleadings, motions, orders, patents, and much more.

“The unique collective intelligence, experience, and best practice work product of law firms and corporate legal departments is contained in iManage Work,” said vLex CEO Lluís Faus. “Our goal with this partnership is to help firms leverage these unique knowledge assets, using secure AI tools, to differentiate themselves for clients. We are proud to work with iManage as leaders in the industry.”