Press Release: Nation’s Largest LegalTech Startup Opens Its Real-Time Lawyer Marketplace to Consumers, Startups and All Businesses

The largest and fastest-growing on-demand legal network of lawyers is now open to consumers, startups and all businesses nationwide. Finding a flat fee freelance layer takes only minutes. This UC Berkeley Skydeck cohort startup that was available exclusively to lawyers and law firms for over two years, now helps everyone find transparent, affordable and reliable legal help. With over 10,000 attorneys and nationwide coverage, the startup is tackling the Access to Justice issue head-on and is set to save over $1.5 billion annually for courts.

LOS ANGELESMay 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AppearMe, the nation’s largest on-demand and real-time network of freelance lawyers, solo attorneys and law firms, is now open to individuals, startups and businesses nationwide. A network of over 10,000 lawyers is here to provide affordable, reliable and transparent flat fee legal services.

For over two years the UC Berkeley Skydeck cohort company was only available to attorneys and law firms to reliably manage their court appearances, through appearance attorneys, and overflow legal work. Now, the fastest-growing network of legal professionals is available in all 50 states with attorneys who can even represent individuals and entities around the World.

Users can use the easy-to-use interface combined with secure and seamless technology to manage all their legal needs. By submitting individual offers and setting their own prices, users are bound to experience the most joyous journey throughout their legal case procession. The flat fee feature assures a transparent and surprise-free way of getting one’s legal needs to successful completion.

“Finding a reliable and competent lawyer should not put a strain on your budget and should not take more than a few minutes,” says Armen Margarian, the CEO and co-founder of the company. With a major focus on pro-bono work and legal help provided to startups nationwide, AppearMe is poised to make a huge impact on the Access to Justice initiative.

With the latest COVID-19 pandemic AppearMe is changing how law firms manage their litigation in general. Being the only company that helps litigation attorneys find appearance, deposition and freelance attorneys in less than 60 seconds 99% of the time, the legaltech startup offers thousands of attorneys a flexible and modern tools to grow their legal practice without any fixed or overhead costs.

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