Press Release: Is Lawchoice™ the TripAdvisor of the Australian Legal Profession?

Innovative new online Law Firm Client Referral and Legal Directory Service Delivers Information the Public Needs to Choose the Right Lawyer
Brisbane, Queensland — Australian-based Law Choice Pty Ltd, has just launched, a nation-wide online law firm client referral service and legal directory that matches people seeking legal services with law firms that best suit their needs. The service also allows every Australian law firm to be rated and reviewed by their past or present clients, so people in need of a law firm can be better informed when choosing one that best suits their needs.
The website is free to the public.
Choosing a lawyer is a major life decision with serious implications, yet most people have no idea which firm to use.
“Selecting the right law firm is extremely difficult, as it is a service most people use only a few times in their lives” said retired lawyer and Lawchoice™ CEO Christopher Roche, the architect and co-founder of “People need help choosing the right lawyer and Lawchoice™ provides it”.
Law Choice Pty Ltd is a forward thinking company whose goal is to be the leading law firm comparison and client referral service in Australia. Whilst the service is new and it will take time for public ratings and reviews to populate the listings, the interests of both the Australian Public and Australian Lawyers are served.
By offering this service, people who have used the services of a law firm in the past get the opportunity to rate and review that law firm for the benefit of those that might need one in the future.

For law firms around Australia, they now have the opportunity to show to the Australian public just how well they are regarded within their chosen profession – by those who really count – their clients. The more positive online reviews a law firm has, the more chance they have of receiving client referrals. “For this reason, it is in the interests of law firms to take the time to ask their clients at the conclusion of their case to post an honest review on”, said Roche.
“Lawyers that embrace innovative new services such as Lawchoice™ who are not afraid of being honestly reviewed by their clients will see an enormous benefit” said Roche. “It is a win-win. Good law firms are rewarded with more business and the public are able to make a more informed choice of which law firm best suits their needs”.
“One of the biggest difficulties the public face is determining which law firm should represent them. Typically, people will search Google for a lawyer and be bombarded with results. Knowing which firm is the most suitable from those results is still very unclear. This is where Lawchoice™ comes in”.


A member of the public can simply submit details of the legal issue to Lawchoice™ and the Lawchoice™ staff then arrange for a variety of suitable law firms to contact them without obligation to discuss the matter. Alternatively, people can search based on their location and speciality like any other legal directory, but with the added benefit of viewing past clients’ ratings and reviews to assist in their decision-making.
90% of people use online reviews before making buying decisions according to Chicago based research house ModernComment. Organisations with positive reviews can convert up to 183% more new business than organisations with either no reviews or negative reviews.
The more positive ratings and reviews a law firm receives, the more prominence that law firm has on, and the more referrals that firm receives from online enquiries.
All reviews are captured by the Lawchoice™ system, and vetted by the Lawchoice™ staff prior to posting online, ensuring defamatory reviews never get posted.
A free ebook from Lawchoice™ is available for download on the value online reviews have for the Australian Legal Profession.
About Lawchoice™
Lawchoice Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian company servicing both the legal profession and the public, nation-wide.
Headquartered in Brisbane and founded in early 2014, Lawchoice™ is dedicated to helping consumers better navigate the complex legal industry and assisting high quality law firms attract more business.
The Lawchoice™ team has extensive experience in the Australian legal services market and understands all facets of running a law firm in Australia and the issues that both small and large firms face.
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