Press Release: Fisher Phillips Launches “CoCounsel,” Casetext’s Transformative AI Legal Assistant Tool

Fisher Phillips, one of the country’s preeminent labor and employment law firms representing employers, is the first major law firm to deploy Casetext’s CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant that performs the tasks most valuable to legal professionals in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Legal AI company Casetext developed CoCounsel as the world’s first reliable AI legal assistant, powered by the most advanced large language model OpenAI ever created. Thus, CoCounsel is able to respond in seconds to natural language instructions and read, comprehend, and write at a postgraduate level. CoCounsel automates critical, time-intensive legal tasks and produces top-quality work more quickly, accurately, and precisely than humanly possible.

Legal professionals at Fisher Phillips will use CoCounsel to assist with a broad array of time-consuming tasks, including document review, legal research, and contract revision and drafting, giving them more time to focus on the aspects of practicing law that cannot be done by machine.

“CoCounsel is a truly revolutionary legal tech innovation,” said John Polson, Chairman and Managing Partner of Fisher Phillips. “The power of this tool to help our attorneys perform efficient legal research, document review, drafting, and summarizing, has already resulted in immediate, sustained benefits to our clients, and we have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer. We are so proud of the role Fisher Phillips has played in helping develop this incredible technology.”

“As the first major law firm to deploy CoCounsel firm-wide, Fisher Phillips played a significant role in helping Casetext rigorously test CoCounsel, and therefore contributed to developing AI that meets the high bar of the legal profession,” said Jake Heller, Casetext co-founder and CEO. It’s great to see them gearing up to make the most of the transformative potential AI has for law practice.”

OpenAI selected Casetext to tailor their groundbreaking model to the practice of law, based on Casetext’s pioneering work in legal tech for over a decade, including more than 5 years’ experience applying large language models to the law. And Casetext worked closely with Fisher Phillips and its award-winning Knowledge Management team, as a CoCounsel beta customer, to help create a version of the tool that is knowledgeable, reliable, and secure enough for use by legal professionals. Unlike with generalized, publicly available large language models, all content processed through CoCounsel is encrypted end-to-end, and no client materials or data are stored or used to train the AI model. “And because CoCounsel is trained on Casetext’s vast, up-to-date collection of caselaw and statutes, and because it cites its sources, its AI-generated output is incredibly reliable and efficiently verifiable,” said Evan Shenkman, Chief Knowledge and Innovation Officer at Fisher Phillips. “The practice of law will never be the same.”

As of its launch, CoCounsel offers these skills, with more already in development:

  • Review Documents. CoCounsel analyzes a set of documents—as many as millions—faster than humanly possible and provides thorough answers to questions, supported with citations to sources.
  • Search a Database. Run searches against entire databases and receive a summarized response with specific documents containing sourced information, to improve knowledge management by quickly finding key documents, such as relevant templates or precedents, previous work product, and internal know-how.
  • Legal Research Memo. Ask a research question and in minutes CoCounsel retrieves on-point resources and provides an answer with explanation and supporting sources.
  • Summarize. Interpret and condense critical information in any type of document—including dense agreements, complex contracts, and lengthy opinions—at unprecedented speed and without missing key details.
  • Extract Contract Data. Quickly get answers and a complete list of relevant clauses from every contract in a set, making it easier to accurately track deal terms, dollar amounts, and dates.
  • Contract Policy Compliance. CoCounsel identifies every single clause in a set of contracts that doesn’t comply with a policy or set of policies, reports the risks of using non-compliant language, and recommends revisions.
  • Prepare for a Deposition. Describe the deponent and what’s at issue in the case. CoCounsel will identify multiple highly relevant topics to address during the deposition and draft questions for each topic. Refine the topics by including specific areas of interest or topics, and you’ll have a deposition outline in no time.

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Casetext has led innovation in legal AI since 2013, applying cutting-edge AI to the law to create solutions that enable attorneys to provide higher-quality representation to more clients, enhance efficiency and accuracy, and gain a competitive advantage. Their leadership and contributions in legal AI have been recognized worldwide, including receipt of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award for the development of AI-powered brief analysis tool CARA AI. Today, over 10,000 law firms—from solos and small practices to more than 40 Am Law 200 firms—rely on Casetext to elevate the quality of their law practice.