Press Release: European Young Bar Association provided support to fellow Ukrainian lawyers

Ukraine National Bar Association

Since the very start of the military aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine, the European Bar Association (EYBA) supports Ukraine and Ukrainian lawyers.

This week, the UNBA Charitable Foundation of Assistance to Advocates received €2,000 from the EYBA for helping lawyers affected by war.

Ukrainian National Bar Association, as well as UNBA Youth Committee – UNBA NextGen, express profound gratitude to our European colleagues for their indispensable support!

For your information, UNBA Charitable Foundation of Assistance to Advocates established to provide material support to lawyers and their families that ended up in difficult life circumstances due to military action occuring in Ukraine.

Since 2019, the UNBA Youth Committee – UNBA NextGen actively cooperates with the European Young Bar Association. UNBA NextGen representatives participated in the EYBA events, as well as together with foreign colleagues organized the EYBA 2021 International Summer Online Conference.