Press Release: eLegl launches as the ‘first-ever’ online legal resource centre for entrepreneurs

eLegl, the online legal resource centre for entrepreneurs, has officially launched to revolutionise the way growing businesses access legal knowledge and services.

Founder Monisha Prem describes eLegl’s Legal Academy as a “legal bootcamp for entrepreneurs,” offering practical remote-learning courses specifically designed to equip business owners with the legal expertise they need to run successful ventures. The first of its kind, transferring legal knowledge and tools to entrepreneurs.

eLegl is described as a knowledge centre exclusively for entrepreneurs rich in legal resources. This includes legal trend-watching, document models and frameworks for operational improvements and live webinars – all within the business law context.

The Legal Academy is accompanied by a legal health-check or diagnostic which identifies gaps or shortfalls in the legal framework of the business. These gaps are addressed with simple but effective legal interventions such as contract drafting or implementing a compliance or governance management system.

“The eLegl Academy is a legal training solution that converts in real improvement in business performance for entrepreneurs,” says Prem, a seasoned legal and business practitioner with over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, business, finance, and law.

“In South Africa, entrepreneurs must become legal citizens to thrive. Without a solid grasp of the law, they may struggle in key business areas and face contractual and compliance issues. SMEs are crucial for the country’s economic growth, and the government acknowledges their significance by entrenching development programmes,” she says.

Prem highlights eLegl’s advantage in providing training delivered by lawyers who understand entrepreneurs’ needs – unlike traditional alternatives where training is done by people with no legal experience, or legal services are rendered without transfer of knowledge, or without understanding entrepreneurs’ needs.

According to Prem, their goal is to make commercial and corporate law less dry and more engaging. They prioritise staying connected with clients and value the human element in training.

Due to their busy schedules running their businesses, business owners often struggle with attending training sessions, says Prem, and entrepreneur training has a notoriously high absentee rate. “That’s why eLegl takes a different approach, providing engaging, relevant and crisp content specifically tailored for them,” she says.

“Our team of lawyers have real-world experience working with growing businesses. By combining fun and practical elements, we ensure that our training is not only enjoyable but also highly applicable to entrepreneurs. This is fantastic news for the learners themselves and for our clients who seek this training for their cohorts,” explains Prem.

The eLegl Academy fills a critical service gap, supporting businesses and corporates in fulfilling their Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) responsibilities, and has a proven track record within the ESD space with blue-chip corporates for 10 years. eLegl serves as a go-to platform for training entrepreneurs within their supply chains and industries, empowering them to thrive in the economy.

The academy adapts to meet organisation’s needs in terms of timelines, budgets, learner count, and reporting, Prem adds. This allows scalable training for both large corporations and smaller businesses aiming to empower individuals. Additionally, eLegl guarantees ESD compliance requirements with attendance records and supporting documentation.

The comprehensive curriculum covers contract negotiations, compliance, governance, and labour law at entry and advanced levels – including mergers and acquisitions for more mature enterprises. This essential knowledge helps growing businesses improve operational efficiencies, financial performance, and overall business growth. By addressing these critical legal aspects, eLegl becomes an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs safeguarding their businesses and succeeding in a competitive landscape.

Prem summarises how the service benefits entrepreneurs:

  • Fuelling entrepreneurs for growth: eLegl provides engaging, practical training to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to fuel business growth.
  • Accessible commercial and corporate law: eLegl simplifies complex legal concepts, making them easily understandable for entrepreneurs to confidently navigate legal matters and make informed decisions.
  • Simplifying business law: eLegl breaks down business law into digestible modules and practical examples, helping entrepreneurs grasp key legal concepts without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Efficiency and growth focus: eLegl’s training enhances business efficiencies, mitigates risks, streamlines processes, and maximises business potential for entrepreneurs.
  • Preventative law and risk management: eLegl promotes the practice of proactive legal measures, helping entrepreneurs minimise legal pitfalls and protect their businesses from unnecessary risks.