Press Release: eDiscovery Author & Corporate Legal Services Business Leader Will Launch Newest Discovery Strategies Book in Korea

……. a leading provider of Asian-language eDiscovery solutions and services, today announced that Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Masahiro Morimoto will travel to Seoul in early 2014 to launch his latest book, “Discovery Management: eDiscovery Strategy for Winning in International Lawsuits.”

The book is written in Korean and is intended to inform the country’s business leaders, corporate counsel and outside counsel on the intricacies of U.S. legal procedure. The book launch is scheduled to take place at UBIC’s South Korean headquarters, where Mr. Morimoto will be the guest of UBIC Korea’s CEO Yongmin Cho.

“Korean companies have found significant success and revenue in global markets. It is abroad, however, where Korean businesses also encounter legal systems, laws and regulations that affect the conduct of business that are often quite foreign to them,” Mr. Morimoto said, adding that doing business in the U.S. is a prime example of such a legal system.

“In the U.S., business transactions are recognized, complaints brought, investigations conducted and disputes settled according to a comprehensive, highly detailed framework of laws and regulations enforced through the U.S. legal system,” Mr. Morimoto said, adding that the U.S. legal system is capable of compelling participation in legal actions by virtually any commercial enterprise located anywhere in the world that does business within U.S. borders.

Better information for better results

Mr. Morimoto’s “Discovery Management,” offers an inside view of the eDiscovery process as it affects Korean enterprise. It provides guidelines on the rules and routines of Western legal discovery and recommends sound data-retention policies and strategies that can help Korean companies function successfully as participants in the discovery process.

Beyond this, Mr. Morimoto provides guidance on having the right software tools in place and how working with eDiscovery service providers can reduce the risk of coming up empty handed in the eDiscovery process.

“In international litigation, the plaintiff and the defendant disclose evidence before commencement of a trial,” Mr. Morimoto said. “In the U.S., the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) mandate disclosure of electronic evidence in its electronic format. This means a company’s electronic data is subject to search and the results of that search can be disclosed as evidence in a lawsuit or an investigation.”

The true impact of this is best understood in light of the fact that more than 90 percent of an enterprise’s information is stored in an electronic format.

“The FRCP are comprehensive in regard to electronic discovery and is often the model for other similar legal systems,” Mr. Morimoto said. He added that these rules are updated from time to time to better accommodate the use of new information technologies, such as social media, as well as text and other smartphone- and tablet-based messaging systems.

As a result, Mr. Morimoto suggests that Korean corporate counsel and information technology (IT) departments not only struggle to keep up with these rules but are also challenged in implementing the “best practices” in information governance that help ensure they can adequately maintain and protect their data.

“It is my hope that with better information and preparedness, Asian companies will be less disadvantaged and better able to function and prevail within the complex U.S. legal system. After all, the U.S. market generates a very strong and growing demand for the goods and services Asian companies produce.”

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