Press Release: Dezan Shira Asian Alliance Created With New Offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur & Manila

Dezan Shira Asian Alliance Created With New Offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur & Manila

Dezan Shira & Associates have created a Dezan Shira Asian Alliance with participating firms from some of Asia’s largest countries. The Alliance brings together each of Dezan Shira’s offices throughout China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Vietnam with four other firms in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Dezan Shira & Associates also have representation in Europe and the United States.

The new Alliance brings with it a wealth of expertise, including local Managing Partners with multiple local and international accounting and law qualifications with decades of experience.

The Alliance brings together 26 offices throughout Asia, 8 Regional Managing Partners and about 800 professional staff. All member firms are also part of the Leading Edge Alliance, the second-largest network of accounting firms globally, with a turnover of US$2.9 billion in 2013.

“We are very pleased to welcome our Alliance Partner Firms as part of our growing family,“ said Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Founding Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates and the new Alliance Chairman. “This Alliance allows us to provide full intra-Asian legal and tax structuring solutions to multinational investors throughout ASEAN, China and India.”

The new member firms are Winnindo Business Consult of Indonesia, Christopher Heng & Co. of Malaysia, The Machica Group of the Philippines and Honor Audit of Thailand.

“All firms were extensively vetted,” said Mr. Devonshire-Ellis. “We looked at English language competencies, client responsiveness levels, IT infrastructure capabilities as well as local technical legal, tax and audit expertise. These firms are some of the most dynamic local practices in their respective markets.”

The full list of countries represented in the Dezan Shira Asian Alliance is as follows (click to expand):

Alliance Partner Firms will continue to service their clients in their local jurisdictions, while the Dezan Shira Asian Alliance provides support in intra-Asian and cross-border investment expertise and services elsewhere in Asia.

“As middle class consumer capabilities continue to increase throughout the region our Alliance members need to service clients with cross-border requirements. Indonesia for example will become a trillion dollar economy next year, while other Asian countries will see their total GDP wealth rise by between 50-60 percent by 2020. Significant future growth and foreign direct investment will be across ASEAN, China and India,” Mr. Devonshire-Ellis further stated. “The Dezan Shira Asian Alliance creates an unrivalled platform under one roof for the provision of professional services throughout Asia and marks a significant development of each of our practice’s capabilities both today and looking forward into the next decade.”

The Dezan Shira Asian Alliance provides business advisory, due diligence, tax, accounting, payroll, and audit services to regional and international investors throughout Asia. It also publishes multiple websites, magazines and guides covering legal, tax and regulatory updates relevant for foreign investors under the Asia Briefing, ASEAN Briefing, China Briefing, India Briefing and Vietnam Briefing titles.