Press Release: Cognizant and LexisNexis Legal & Professional Extend Collaboration

Through this renewed agreement, Cognizant will continue providing cloud and digital engineering services, helping accelerate feature releases and streamline operational efficiency through automation and cost optimization of LexisNexis’ next-gen legal research solution, Lexis+.

LexisNexis extended its relationship with Cognizant due to the company’s proven track record as a long-trusted provider.

Together, the companies will enhance the solution’s search capabilities, helping LexisNexis’ customers to navigate legal content intuitively and aim to augment the overall customer experience.

“At LexisNexis, customer-driven innovation is core to our technological and product development,” said Philippe Poignant, CTO LNNA, UK and CEMEA LexisNexis Legal & Professional. “By extending our more than a decade-long agreement with Cognizant, we can continue delivering transformative technology that will improve our customers’ work and increase operational efficiencies.”

Over the course of the agreement, Cognizant and LexisNexis will focus on:

–Modernizing legacy desktop and web applications: Cognizant will collaborate with LexisNexis to implement cloud-native solutions such as serverless capabilities, containers using microservices, and micro front-end architecture.
–Re-architecting data and redesigning the content fabrication pipeline: Cognizant will contribute to the delivery of an event-driven and messaging-based architecture, along with revamping the content fabrication pipeline and developing advanced algorithms to categorize, separate, and rank content to enhance Lexis+® content management capabilities.
–Providing innovative solutions in quality engineering: Cognizant will use Defect Triage BOT and dynamic test script generation and maintenance to further bolster LexisNexis’ product engineering capabilities, leveraging advanced AI-powered natural language processing solutions benefitting customers.

“We value our longstanding collaboration with LexisNexis and are excited about our continued efforts to enhance the company’s exceptional customer experience on complex information platforms,” said Anurag Sinha, SVP and Head of Communications and Media, Americas, of Cognizant. “Cognizant has committed to investing approximately $1 billion over the next three years to bolster our generative AI (gen AI) capabilities and will leverage our trifecta of digital engineering, cloud engineering, and gen AI solutions to deliver advanced AI-powered natural language processing solutions to LexisNexis. Additionally, we will aim to create new capabilities around legal research, predictive analysis, semantic search, compliance monitoring, and continuous learning.”