Press Release – Canada: LexisNexis® Introduces the Nationwide Release of Pleadings, Motions and Facta

Here’ stheir press release…

TORONTOJuly 30, 2020 /CNW/ – LexisNexis Canada, a leading global provider of information and analytics, today announced the release of the Pleadings, Motions, and Facta (PMF) throughout Canada. Litigators from across Canada can now subscribe to LexisNexis’s collection of high-quality PMF documents from pivotal cases in key practice areas for the past 5 years – including motions in complex litigation; leading seminal cases from Provincial, Territorial, and Federal courts; and other timely, topical issues. These collections give Litigators access to the documents that have served as the basis of legal arguments used in recent, noteworthy cases. This also allows for users to create their own legal strategies and arguments that leverage current successful strategies.

These vital documents allow you to:

  • Leverage quality court documents to build on established insights
  • Research how other litigators have framed similar, successful arguments
  • Conduct due diligence to ensure you haven’t missed anything in your arguments

Content Availability

All Pleadings, Motions and Facta include high quality documents that have been built on a foundation of prominent LexisNexis publications including Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and Ontario Reports and expanded upon by our inhouse legal experts.

Focusing on the significant legal issues that matter most in courts today, our collection of court documents includes the most seminal decisions and the most dynamic practice areas of litigation.

“LexisNexis is committed to providing important documentation from pivotal cases in key practice areas to ensure that litigators will be able to create the most effective legal arguments and strategies” – said Collin Smith, Director Marketing, LexisNexis Canada.


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