PRC Authorities Tightly Control Sanlu Trial

An unsurprising but interesting post from China  Digital Times highlighting the fact that the..

Chinese authorities are restricting access to information coming out of the courtroom with regard to the Sanlu executives on trial for the milk tainting scandal last year.


The China Digital Times quotes the LA Times which reports…


China has made a big show of the trial, releasing courtroom video of the defendants being paraded before the judges in yellow-and-black prison garb. But the public has seen only snippets and images, and all but a few carefully screened journalists from government-owned news media have been excluded.

Parents and their lawyers, many of whom traveled from across the country in hopes of seeing the trial, are also personae non gratae at the well- secured courthouse here in Shijiazhuang, about 190 miles south of Beijing.

“There is no transparency in the process. They are behaving like there is something to hide,” said Teng Biao, a Beijing lawyer who has been trying to bring a lawsuit on behalf of 111 parents. “They are completely excluding the victims.”


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