Post-Brexit Laws & Regulations Roundup

The Brexit vote shook the globe and caused a huge level of uncertainty regarding the UK’s future. However, Prime minster Theresa May is now looking to secure the country’s future with fair, yet firm, negotiations.


Since the Brexit vote, there’s been an influx of new proposed rules & regulations. From immigration to US trade deals, below is a roundup of the most recent laws and regulations.

New sanctions to tackle terrorism

The most recent proposal laid out by the government, is new powers to introduce sanctions. At present, the UK carries out non-sanction regimes outlined by the laws of the EU. This means, when it leaves the EU, the country will have no authority to impose those regimes.

The proposed sanctions bill presented by the government would see these regimes remain, giving the UK the power to enforce them either alone, or with the aid of the European and rest of the world leaders.

In particular, the sanctions would allow the UK to freeze the assets of suspected terrorists. The proposed sanction regimes will also be under annual review to ensure they are appropriate.

An immigration system which benefits everyone

One of the key reasons many leave voters chose the Brexit route, was because they wanted to see a stop to immigration. The decision to leave the EU and its potential effects on businesses who rely heavily upon immigrants caused a lot of concern. However, the government is now said to be working on a strategy that’s going to be fair for everyone.

While illegal immigration will be targeted, the UK is still going to allow EU citizens to come to the country if they prove beneficial to the economy, culture and society. A detailed assessment is going to be carried out by the Migration Advisory Committee, to provide a clear picture of how reliant the UK is on European labour.

There is still a lot of uncertainty over how the EU exit will affect UK immigrants, but businesses which are concerned do have options. Specialist companies for example, are able to devise an immigration strategy to help businesses make sense and comply with any regulations which do come into force.

Preserving environmental laws

Once Britain leaves the EU, it will no longer need to adhere to the EU’s environmental protection policies. This has led Green Groups across the country such as The National Trust and Greenpeace, to urge the government to overhaul the new Repeal bill to ensure EU laws regarding the environment are included and enforceable.

There’s a worry that if these laws aren’t enforceable, the environment could be at major risk. Environmental protection is something most countries are concerned about these days, so it’s unlikely the government will ignore campaigners.

The above are just a small roundup of the latest laws and regulations set to be imposed as the UK leaves Brexit.

There’s still many negotiations to be had, starting with the Trade Deal between the UK and US. It’s an uncertain time for Britain, but there is still plenty of time for regulation and laws to be developed.