Podcast: The Geek in Review Ep. 76 – The Do’s and Don’t’s of Virtual Conferences – Litera’s Haley Altman and Alma Asay

Greg Lambert writes for Lex Blog…

While most of us in the legal industry were still finding their sea legs when it came to working from home, today’s guests were planning a moon shot experiment of creating a virtual legal conference completely from scratch. Haley Altman and Alma Asay from Litera Microsystems talk with us about their experiences in creating and producing The Changing Lawyer LIVE! virtual conference back in April. There were some victories, and some challenges along the way, but the end result was pretty impressive. As we enter the Summer, many other organizations are looking to do some type of online/virtual conference to make up for the cancellation that most organizations had to do because of the pandemic. There’s a steep learning curve, so we are grateful that Haley and Alma shared their experiences with us.

Source: https://www.lexblog.com/2020/05/21/the-geek-in-review-ep-76/

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