Podcast: Authors of ’50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers’ share some top tips


Even during times less tumultuous than the one we are in now, lawyers as a profession report high levels of stress. Finding the way to keep motivated and healthy on an individual level while fighting systemic problems is no easy task. It was this challenge that lawyers Nora Bergman and Chelsy Castro set out to address in their new book, 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers.

In this episode of the Modern Law Library, Bergman and Castro share experiences from their respective backgrounds in coaching and psychotherapy, and some of their work creating wellness programming tailored for the legal profession. They intend their book to be a jumping off point for attorneys looking to increase resilience and happiness in their personal and professional lives. Rather than ticking off 50 boxes, the authors encourage readers to look at 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers to find the lessons that speak to them. (For host Lee Rawles, one of those was the suggestion to make a “to don’t” list to remove unnecessary tasks from her plate.)

Tune in to hear Bergman and Castro discuss the research that went into 50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers, the other books in the 50 Lessons for Lawyers series, and their advice for lawyers who are finding it difficult to cope with the stress of their professional and personal lives.

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Authors of ’50 Lessons for Happy Lawyers’ share some top tips