Podcast: Aimee Barnes on Corruption & Business In China

We came across this interesting podcast via the Charon QC blog..

He writes:

Lawcast 131: Aimee Barnes on corruption and business in China

China is emerging as a major world economic powerhouse but so few of us have any real knowledge of the legal system or the ways of the Chinese when it comes to business.

Aimee Barnes, a New York-based business strategist and writer is passionate about cross-cultural communications and the gentle art of negotiation. Her blog is a treasure trove of content for those with an interest in China.

We focus on corruption/Guanxi, business practices, case of Garth Peterson and what it means for expat professionals in China; opportunities and impediments regarding global expansion of Chinese companies (particularly around branding, advertising, and foreign partnership

Page Link  http://charonqc.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/lawcast131-aimee-barnes-on-corruption-and-business-in-china/

Podcast Link  http://www.insitelawmagazine.com/charonpodcast131.htm