PLN Back In Play and Apparently They Are “Truly Blessed”

“Blessed” is almost as annoying as “Awesome”

Here’s their press release…


On 1 January 2015, PLN bought back its’ business from Rockwell Olivier (Sydney) Pty Ltd and the ILH Group. Our business now operates through PLN Australia Pty Ltd (PLN), which brings together our strong business in Australia and the Pacific region with some exciting new services for the emerging Asia-Pacific markets.

PLN’s reputation has been well established over the last fifteen years throughout Australia and across the Pacific by being able to offer our clients a blend of international and local expertise, and by our capability of providing insight and resources to meet the international and local aspects of our client’s work throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Our strategy is to continue our client-centric focus and to provide collaborative solutions to enable you to achieve your objectives. Importantly, for you and for us, it remains “business as usual”.

A New Home

If you feel like dropping by (or need a great small bar recommendation in our area) please say “Hi” at:

Level 11
65 York St

Or, if the virtual world is more your style check out our new e-home at

The People at PLN…

We are truly blessed to have our whole team on board.  Talk about dedication and belief in the cause!, We have some exciting developments and announcements ‘in the wings’, but until we share those with you we want you to know that we appreciate your continuing support and patience as we transition through this most recent and exciting phase of our business.

Should you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact John Ridgway on 0410 520 416 or Nitij Pal on 0401 334 497.

Warm regards

The team at PLN