Peter Jarosek Appointed As Corrs Partner In Perth

The Australian Newspaper reported yesterday that..

Corrs Chambers Westgarth has shown its faith in the energy and resources boom continuing in Western Australia with the appointment of leading oil and gas lawyer Peter Jarosek as a Perth-based partner.

Jarosek, previously a partner at Blake Dawson in Perth, says his decision to move was based on Corrs’ growth strategy and business model being closely aligned with his own views.

"The market has been quite impressed with the way Corrs has grown over the last few years. I think there is a perception that Corrs is doing something right, certainly in terms of the deals they’ve been involved with," Jarosek says.

"I was also excited a bit by the growth opportunity, particularly for the Perth office, because while the Perth office had a strong mining-related practice, I think they also recognised that they lacked a bit of depth in the oil and gas area and that was really the space that they saw me filling and I was quite excited by that opportunity."

Jarosek told the Australian  there are "significant challenges" facing oil and gas projects, but is confident he can grow his practice at Corrs.,28124,24647901-17044,00.html