Patrick J. McKenna: Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant

The Blurb

Today Patrick J. McKenna published the book Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant that is freely available at Legal Business World. In this e-book thought leader & leadership expert, Patrick McKenna shares valuable knowledge, research results, and practical insights about ‘how law firms will benefit from Industry Specialization’

Joek Peters, CEO Legal Business World: “It is definitely a need to read publications for law firm leaders and professionals who are engaged in strategy and growth. Not only because it is a valuable source of information, but also because inspires you to think and act differently. And last but not least, we are honored that Patrick J. McKenna is willing to remove thresholds and freely share this new book with our worldwide visitors and readers”

McKenna on ‘Industry Specialization’: “Do you know the biggest mistake that many law firms are making today?  Today, more than ever, prospects are searching for subject matter experts and trusted advisors to help solve their problems. So, for you to be successful, it takes focus, specialization, recognition, and authority to stand out in an overcrowded, highly competitive legal market with risk-avoiding, impatient buyers who can find numerous alternative providers in short order (and I’ll show you the research evidence). In other words, you need to have a deep understanding of the critical business challenges, speak the language and have experience in solving the pain points of your targeted clients – most effectively by way of having first-hand industry knowledge.”

Read: Industry Specialization: Making Competitors Irrelevant’ to learn:

  • the 12 best diagnostic questions to evaluate whether you have a genuine industry focus;
  • steps to take to form a new industry group;
  • the best ways to have your people explore any industry’s revenue and growth potential;
  • 7 steps to take to make your industry group efforts worthwhile; 
  • common failings that clients observe and discuss amongst themselves;
  • 4 different kinds of meetings capable of producing high performance with your industry group;
  • 12 actions to position yourselves as a recognized industry thought leader;
  • 10 actions to effectively monitor industry trends;
  • what to do if a chosen industry initiative falters;
  • how to utilize sales professionals in representing your industry team to the marketplace;
  • how to develop a truly multidisciplinary industry team;
  • AND so much more.

What experts say:PMcK book pic

Paul Eberle, Chief Executive of HUSCH BLACKWELL LLP: “His content is absolutely on point and reflects much of our experience over the past 8 years after we aligned our firm into industry business units (with full P&L responsibility).” 

Gillian Ward, Global Chief Marketing Officer at BRYAN CAVE LEIGHTON PAISNER: “The tone and directness really appealed to me. “Do this, don’t do that. Think about this, don’t forget that” is exactly what is needed and can only come from years and years and the many firms you have seen succeed or fail.  No shortcuts, no magic wands but a logical, sustained and committed approach – is what’s called for.”

Industry Specialization is available as an online publication at: and as a PDF download at

About Patrick McKenna

Patrick is an internationally recognized author, lecturer, strategist, and seasoned advisor to the leaders of premier law firms; having had the honor of working with at least one of the largest firms in over a dozen different countries. 

He is the author/co-author of 11 books most notably his international business bestseller, First Among Equals (co-authored with David Maister), currently in its sixth printing and translated into nine languages.  His two newest e-books, The Art of Leadership Succession and Strategy Innovation: Getting to The Future First (Legal Business World Publishing)) were released in 2019 and read/downloaded in over 40 countries. McKenna’s published articles have appeared in over 50 leading professional journals, newsletters, and online sources; and his work has been featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Business Week, The Globe and Mail, The Economist, Investor’s Business Daily and The Financial Times.  He currently serves as Contributing Editor to Of Counsel: The Legal Practice and Management Report (New York).

McKenna serves on a number of corporate advisory boards including Intraspexion Inc. (AI legal tech); LBW Broadcasting (international media); True Balance Longevity Institute (health care); Alterity ADR (dispute resolution); and is a BrainTrust Member of Quantumrun, a global research, and futurists group.  He was acknowledged in 2020 as one of the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on Business Strategy (Thinkers360).

About Legal Business World

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Contact Information:
Joek Peters, CEO | [email protected] Refer to Book and/or Author

Contact Information:

Joek Peters, CEO | [email protected]
Refer to Book and/or Author