Parental Defense-How To Deal With A CPS Investigation

Although the incidents of child abuse and neglect by parents are rare, they still happen. The worst part is that the Child Protection Services (CPS) may get involved if someone reports child abuse and neglect. You can land in a fix even due to false allegations as CPS comes knocking on your door. They may even attempt to intimidate you during the investigation. Moreover, there is a risk of losing custody of your children while the lawsuit is pending. It is crucial to deal with them properly to save your family from the dire consequences. Here are some parental defense tips to handle the investigation. 

Take the allegations seriously 

You will probably take the neglect and abuse allegations frivolously if you are not on the wrong side of the law. But CPS gets real calls about parents beating their kids without leaving bruises or molesting them during a family party. Although they theoretically aim to unite families, they actually assume parents guilty if accused. You must take the charges seriously and build a defense strategy when you face them. 

Be polite

Although you may want to hit the investigators who accuse you of abusing your child, it is the last thing you should do. A hostile attitude can land you in a problem as it is often considered evidence of guilt. They may use your behavior to prove that you have an abusive personality. Remember to be polite and calm as it enables you to keep a level head in a challenging situation. Ask the specific charges and get as many details as possible to build a viable defense. 

Avoid saying anything

Like any other legal charge, anything you say during an interrogation may go against you. As a rule, you must check one of the best CPS lawyers in your area and get them on your side before making any statements. You may be innocent, but anything you say may become a piece of evidence against you. Investigators can even twist your words to establish your guilt. Stay quiet and let a seasoned attorney guide you.

Check the court order

Always check if the investigator has a court order before letting them in. They must have it to enter your place, so ask them politely to stay out until they have the paper. Letting a caseworker in is risky because they may find something to prove that they have a valid reason to take your children away. But remember not to use physical force to stop them. Call your attorney to handle the situation.  

Get family and friends on your side

Experts recommend getting family and friends on your side to support you during the investigation. Look for someone willing to look after your kids if CPS takes them. They will be much safer with people you know than going into a foster care facility. You can also seek written testimonies favoring your parenting approach from your friends, family, co-workers, or pastor. Getting such favorable words is much like adding votes to keep your kids. 

Although a CPS investigation is daunting, you must never admit to guilt. You may have made a momentary mistake, but admitting to it leads to a risk of losing your kids forever. Only a CPS lawyer can get you out of the fix.