Paraguay/Honduras: More prosecutors killed in Latin America

Following the assassination of Paraguay’s Marcelo Pecci while honeymooning in Colombia, two other crimes have hit Latin American prosecutors in the last days of May.

Honduran State Attorney’s Office has declared three days of mourning following Friday’s assassination of Special Environmental Prosecutor Karen Gabriela Almendarez Herrera from the city of Nacaome in the El Salvador-bordering department of Valle.

The head of the Specialized Prosecutor Unit Against Corruption Networks, Luis Javier Santos, published that: “Prosecutor ”Ranger“ that is how they have called those of who have been assigned to a local Prosecutor’s Office.” He added that “Almendarez, was a ‘Ranger’ Prosecutor, a true heroine, a dreamer, an idealist.”

Almendarez, aged 39, was murdered Friday in Nacaome’s El Chagüite neighborhood. She was shot while she was opening the gate to her home when returning from the gymnasium at night. According to uncorroborated sources, she was the sister of a high-ranking officer of the Honduran Armed Forces.