Pandora Faces Legal Action From The MLC

The MLC has issued legal action against Pandora due to failure in reporting and paying out all their owed Mechanical Royalties.

In January 2024, the MLC issued a notice of intent to audit multiple streaming services on the accuracy of their royalty payments. Their aim being to recover any royalties that may be due under the MLC’s original compulsory mechanical blanket license that was issued back in 2021.

The MLC has stated that as of 12th February, 2024 “Pandora has failed to report and pay all of the mechanical royalties it owes” on their ad-supported interactive music model “Pandora Free.”

The MLC repeatedly raised this issue with Pandora, and they have yet to receive the correct reporting or payments.

Why is this important for Writers and Composers?

The MLC is currently in the process of auditing over 50 DSPs including Spotify, Amazon and Apple meaning any royalties that may have been lost within the system over the past 3 years are being discovered and paid out to the correct rights holders.


The Streaming Service Pandora Faces Legal Action From The MLC