Pakistan: SCBA condemns firing at Latif Khosa’s house

The Supreme Court Bar Asso­ciation (SCBA) Friday strong­ly condemned the firing at the residence of Sardar Abdul Latif Khan Khosa, an apex court law­yer, and demanded thorough investigation into the incident.

The association called upon the government, Inspector General of Police and the rel­evant quarters for a thorough investigation of the said inci­dent so as to arrest the culprits and that the perpetrators may be brought to justice; failing which the SCBAP will observe countrywide full day strike on June 19, 2023 (Monday).

In a statement issued by the asso­ciation, SCBA president Barris­ter Abid S Zuberi and secre­tary Muqtedir Akhtar Shabbir said that Latif Khosa, besides being an advocate of Supreme Court, is also a member of Bar, making this incident more concerning for SCBA. Barrister Siberia stated that Latif Khosa is one of the few remaining in­dependent and fearless voic­es, advocating for the cause of rule of law, civilian supremacy, independence of judiciary, and against civilian trials in mili­tary courts.

Such an attack on his residence sends a threaten­ing message to the legal com­munity against exercising their right to freedom of speech without fear of retribution. He further said that this incident clearly showcases the absolute anarchy prevalent in the coun­try where fundamental rights of the citizens are being vio­lated, judgments of the superi­or courts are ridiculed and dis­obeyed and the Constitution is repeatedly violated by failing to conduct elections in the time frame mandated by the Consti­tution and the orders of the Su­preme Court.