Pacific Legal Network .. Problems In Paradise

PLN, as far as we are aware , having been running a kosher network for over a decade but the Fiji authorities obviously aren’t convinced…

Law firm asked to clarify issues before starting its operations
Monday, 30/06/2014

Chief Registrar, Yohan Liyange
A company which was scheduled to officially launch a law firm called Pacific Legal Network this evening has been asked to clarify some issues before starting off its operations in Fiji.

Chief Registrar, Yohan Liyange said he has advised Pacific Legal Network that they cannot function as a law firm in Fiji until they clarify certain issues.

Liyange said that his office has also asked for certain details on the lawyers and partners involved with Pacific Legal Network.

When contacted today, Head of Legal Services for Pacific Legal Network, John Ridgeway said that they have ongoing dialogue with the Chief Registrar who has been very helpful.

Ridgeway said further comments will be made later.

Under the Legal Practitioners Decree, any law firm established in a country prescribed by the Minister by notice may establish a branch or office in Fiji, provided however, that any such law firm must open and operate a trust account in Fiji in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Accounts Act.

The law firm also must ensure its branch or office in Fiji is at all times managed by a legal practitioner who is admitted to practice as a practitioner in accordance with the Legal Practitioners Decree and who is issued with a practicing certificate by the Chief Registrar.