Oxford Uni grad launches ‘TikTok Law School’

Legal Cheek (UK) report…You heard it right. Sharing his study and career tips with the masses is TikToker legal influencer, Toby Willcocks, who studied law at Oxford University before completing a masters in law at Harvard University. Speaking to a TikTok audience of nearly 51,000, Willcocks’ minute-long videos cover everything from quick case law summaries to helpful exam prep.

Toby Willcocks’ video series designed to help aspiring lawyers

Oxford Uni law graduate Toby Willocks

The recently published university league table missed one new entrant that all wannabe lawyers should know about: the ‘TikTok Law School’.

Willcocks, who now works for a legaltech startup based in San Francisco and featured in The Legal Cheek Virtual Vacation Scheme, began his ‘TikTok Law School’ video series to help the younger generation considering a career in law. “I started it because I remembered how, when I was doing my GCSEs and A-levels, I was interested in studying law but didn’t really know what it would be like. I want to give people an insight into what it’s like to study law — to encourage them, and make it accessible,” Willcocks tells Legal Cheek.

The Oxford graduate also believes that aspiring lawyers can also use TikTok to stand out from the competition. “As a platform, TikTok is exploding but most people still think of it as a jokey video sharing app for teens,” says Willcocks.”This perception means that right now there is an incredible opportunity to get attention (and large audiences) for more educational or serious ideas that help young people, because the content stands out on their newsfeeds (foryoupage).”

But before you try TikTok-ing your way to a training contract, take a moment to sit in on one of Willcocks’ 60-second classes compiled below.

Recklessness: R v G and another

Willcocks addresses recklessness by tackling the House of Lords decision in this classic criminal damage case.

Medical ethics: Re A (conjoined twins)

Willcocks analyses the court’s judgment in this controversial medical case featuring conjoined twins Mary and Jodie.

Mens rea: Thabo Meli v R

Willcocks dissects intention in this murder case involving one continued act of killing and disposing of the body.

Consent obtained by fraud: R v Williams

Willcocks lays down the facts of this landmark sexual offences case, in which consent was obtained by false pretences.

Criminal law: the basics

In this video, Willcocks sprints through core criminal law principles: including the threshold for assault, the legal age of responsibility and defining murder.

What is a contract?

Willcocks returns to the legal basics by outlining the key ingredients required to make a legally binding contract.

The rise of automation

Willcocks, who reveals he turned downed job offers at top law firms to work in lawtech, discusses what increasing automation means for the legal industry.

How to write an amazing law essay

Speaking candidly about his initial essay struggles — revealing that he even considered quitting during his first year at Oxford — Willcocks shares his essential essay-hacks.

Dealing with stress during exam season

Here Willcocks explains how a balanced study schedule saw him achieve one of the highest marks in his cohort.

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