Owls at Dawn: Drake launches trademark complaint against merchandise companies for OVO Owl logo

Personally we think they should both be paying owls the money so owls can buy their own habitat that humans can go nowhere near. But what do we know.

Drake is accusing Bellroy and Clae of capitalizing on the image of their clothing company, He’s asking for a court order to prevent the two from using their owl.

Up News Info –
He is taking legal action against the Australian company Bellroy and Clae, based in Los Angeles, claiming that product brands copied their OVO owl logo.

The creator of successes of “Plan de Dios” founded his OVO clothing company in 2011, selling garments that included t-shirts, sweatshirts, university jackets, baseball hats and sneakers, with the image.

However, in documents obtained by TMZ, the star states that Bellroy “changed the design of the owl by altering its posture, width, wings and legs to shamelessly imitate the OVO owl,” suggesting that the changes were made intentionally to Maximize similarities with Drake brand.

OVO is taking legal action now because, although Bellroy first sold wallets, smartphone cases and small luggage, it recently added footwear and clothing to its collection, which according to Drake’s organization is the core of its business.

The company claims that Bellroy and Clae are cheating consumers by thinking they are in association with OVO and are benefiting from the image of the Drake brand.

He is suing for trademark infringement and is requesting a court order to prevent Bellroy and Clae from using his owl, as well as any benefits he has obtained so far and damages.