Oregon – Become A Lawyer Without Writing A Bar Exam

In Oregon the state Supreme Court has unanimously “approved in concept” two alternative pathways to lawyer licensure that don’t involve writing the bar exam.

How you may ask?

Jordan Furlong at Law21 has been looking into it

He writes

The potential new routes to bar admission were proposed in the July 2021 report of the Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners’ Alternatives to the Bar Exam Task Force. The state Supreme Court asked the Board to develop an implementation plan for the alternatives in six months’ time.

The proposed new routes are straightforward. Licensure candidates who choose the pre-graduation “Oregon Experiential Pathway” would spend the last two years of law school carrying out clinical and simulation-based coursework, while those who choose the post-graduation “Supervised Practice Pathway” would spend 1,000 to 1,500 hours working under the supervision of an experienced attorney. The bar exam would still be available for any candidate who preferred it.

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